Ban GTA4? Ban Gordon Copeland…

Gordon Copeland has come out this week saying he wants “Grand Auto Theft IV” to be banned (its Grand Theft Auto IV btw Gordon).

He was interviewed on 95BFM’s “The Wire” show this morning and I encourage you to listen to what this independent Member of Parliament has to say. There’s some scary stuff…

So lets take a quick look at some of Mr Copelands claims from his interview:

“Grand Auto Theft IV has got no redeeming features.”

Grand Theft Auto IV is rated the best game ever released by the critics. As Tim Neale from BFM mentioned, Rockstar expect to sell 6 million copies in the first week alone. What was the last book that sold 6 million copies at over $100 a pop? What was the last movie that grossed US$400 in its first week? There’s got to be some redeeming features for the game to be this BIG.

“We’re an already violent society and the last thing we need is a game like this to come in and to let people pretend to be… criminals.”

Would it be true that pretending to be a criminal… is better than actually being one? 😉

“As human beings we become what we watch…”

If we become what we watch… then I’m going to become an All Black. And a ninja. This statement is idiocy. It’s more likely that the environment you are raised in determines the person you become. In fact, experts such as Philip Zimbardo suggest that while parenting, schooling, upbringing, genes etc all help determine who we are… its our environment and our immediate situation that actually tips people to commit crimes.

“I think its time and say No to this video… its a small word but we should use it more”

Thankfully saying “No” is still the job of the Chief Censor, Bill Hastings. Can you imagine Mr Copeland having a say on our censorship laws? Sounds like a good time to say “No”.

“I don’t believe any individual needs to spend valuable time watching such rubbish”

Spending time playing video games or watching movies is a freedom of choice. One which a lot of people do exercise. I’ve personally been playing video games for over 30 years… and I still haven’t morphed into something evil. Well… at least not in the real world. 😉

“The very fact we make it R18 gives it an aura for kids…”

Most people suggest that calling for the game to be banned is adding to the so-called “aura”. I’m not. I’m going to suggest that with good parenting, this is a non-issue. Parents should keep an eye on their kids video gaming habits, as they should for the movies they watch, the music they listen to and the friends they hang out with.

“We may well find the murderer has been given a steady diet of porn and violence”

Supposing that a murderer had links with porn and violence is irresponsible. Trying to link this game to the murder of Marie Davis’s just seems wrong?

“Things like Grand Theft Auto IV is a simulator”

Video games are not simulators. Video games do not train you to do anything. So far I have not turned into a ninja, nor a pilot, nor a soccer player, nor a secret agent, a warlock, racing car driver or even a tennis player. Video games may improve your hand-eye co-ordination and even your problem solving skills… but train you to be something? Unfortunately not.

“Why take the risk?”

Well why stop at video games? Why not ban all adult material and take no risks? No porn? No violent movies? No violent books? How about those cigarettes? Ban alcohol? Ban cars? Dumbing down our whole world for the sake a few idiots would kinda suck? A lot?

“The police and parents in particular are saying the same thing”

Good parents have already banned their kids from watching or playing this game. Its R18 remember?

Dan Cheer, Editor in Chief of Gameplanet, was also interviewed by 95BFM. You can listen to Dans response to Mr Copeland here. Interesting stuff.

If there’s one thing Gordon does highlight… it’s that the MMP system can be very flawed at times. But thankfully, we can all say that we didn’t vote for this guy — he’s a list MP after all. Bring on the next election!

4 Responses to “Ban GTA4? Ban Gordon Copeland…”

  • Good, I so hope it doesn’t get banned, which I doubt it will. It has everything every other GTA had. And they didn’t get banned. If only Rockstar made a pedestrian like him in the game.

  • BAN GTA4 I AGREE 100%
    In my opinion this game is overloaded with violence , it should get banned stright away …. BAN GTA4, not beacuse of the game , but for the saftey of humans, the kids playing this will become serial killers , do not let US propaganda spread . If US loves to kill , than they can keep that kind of games at home , and live their retarded way of life.


  • if we were to ban this might as well erase “bill of rights”

    and for stewox, i would think instead of banning the game would there be others that need to ban like the internet. It not that the game turn child to violence, so a better decision is the responsibility of the adult to restrict their child from playing this game until they have a sense of self. Im not disagreeing to your idea of banning gta4 but im not agreeing either because if we ban this why not ban the root of the game which is the media entertainment which run the tv show you watch and game or music you like. By the phase “US love to kill” i guessing your not an americans, what you are doing now is acting like the US during the WW2, if your not familiar of prejudice from propaganda that seem to infect your way of thinking. I chose not to be infected with propaganda unlike you, by the way if we were to ban gta4 someday the internet will be on the ban-list. What will you then? have you gone agaisnt your word of “safety of human?, child becoming serial killer through media?” what you are quoting are offensive toward the good Americans that just here for work and better life. I suggest you grow up and deal with it, it not a perfect world and never will be because we human.

  • why should we ban this game… if people think this game is not for children they can stop their little kiddo by playin this game.. n m also under 18 i know we are just playin dis game n m not in a real life.. m playin gta parts frm 1997.. so gta rock rock n rock……………………………………..

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